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1. OWNER represents that they are the OWNER of the pet to be boarded. I______ represent that I am the owner of the pet to be boarded and  hereby authorize services of TDI, which may include: training, bathing, transport off the property for walks & training exercises in public  areas & supervised group play sessions.

2. TDI agrees to provide the contracted services to the best of its ability and will make every reasonable effort to provide the services as  agreed. *OWNER agrees that the training of animals is unpredictable & results may vary depending upon the nature / breed of the dog as well as  the OWNERS effort & duty to reinforce the training & to obtain recommended follow up sessions. Because of the unpredictability of animals, TDI  does not warrant or guarantee the results of any training that it performs.

3. There will be a daily rate of $40. per day for Difficult or Extremely Anxious Dogs. All dogs must be non-aggressive, well socialized with  people & no history of vicious biting, destructiveness or escape behaviors, including digging under, climbing / jumping of fences.

4. All dogs must be 3 months of age or older with proof of up to date vaccines or titer test. (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella)

5. All dogs must have ID tags that include a phone number of the owner.

6. All dogs must be on leash when entering or leaving the property. Owner must text upon arrival & stay in their vehicle until we come out to  meet you to get your dog (text:440-773-1707)

7. Dogs must be free of fleas / ticks & must be on flea/tick preventative. Pets showing signs of fleas / ticks will be treated at the OWNER’s  expense.

8. TDI reserves the right to immediately change your dogs type of boarding/playtime services if we believe it is necessary to protect the  health & well being of your dog, other dogs or a staff member. TDI cannot guarantee that blankets or bed will be kept in the same condition as  brought in. TDI is not responsible for broken or lost items.

9. OWNER understands the risks involved with communal boarding of dogs. Our boarding & training dogs may play in the yard and inside with  other dogs as previously discussed. We discuss your dogs nature with this upon drop off. Although we use discretion in forming dog play  groups, the unpredictable personality of dogs can sometimes lead to injury. Therefore, it is agreed upon by the owner, that TDI, its agents, officers and employees assumes no liability for the health or safety of the animal that is participating in any services including, but not  limited to, all on or off site participation.

10. A) Reservations & Payment: Your Credit/Debit card shall be required to hold any and all reservations/appointments. All charges must be  paid in full at time of pick up. B) Cancellations: All cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance to avoid charges. If cancelled after 72  hours a charge of 30% is applied. A return check fee of $35. will be charged to your credit card for returned checks. C) No Shows: All no  shows without cancellation will be charged 50% of the reservation / appointment. Holiday no shows with out cancellations will be charged the  FULL AMOUNT of the reservation. All fees will be charged to the credit / debit card on file. These terms apply to ALL SERVICES we provide at TDI. No Exceptions.

11. In the event the OWNER fails to pick up their dog after 10 days past the completion of the contracted services, TDI assumes ownership of  the abandoned animal without notice and the owner waives any & all claims to said animal.

12. A) Veterinary Service: If necessary and at TDI’s absolute discretion, TDI has the right to obtain veterinary services for the animal at  OWNER’s cost and responsibility. TDI will not absorb veterinary expenses nor does TDI have any obligation to notify OWNER prior to obtaining  veterinary services. B) Vaccinations: OWNER understands that it is their responsibility to provide TDI with current vet records for Rabies,  Distemper, Bordatella, & Negative Fecal FOR EACH VISIT> It is not TDI’s obligation to remind owners of their responsibility. On the rare  occasion that a dog is dropped off without current vaccinations or if they expire during the pets visit with us, TDI will obtain these  vaccines at the OWNERS EXPENSE.

13. Veterinary Communication: By initialing & signing this agreement OWNER herby gives TDI written consent to obtain vet records at any time  and/ or speak with or obtain written documentation from the veterinarian directly about any incidents related to TDI without prior approval.  TDI reserves the right to deny services or to terminate services at any time at its discretion.

14. OWNER agrees all purchases / services are non - refundable.

15. OWNER understand & acknowledges that TDI has ongoing surveillance on the premises. OWNER allows TDI to take pictures / videos for  promotional use.

16. Permission to transport dog upon OWNER request, is additional service fee. I agree & acknowledge that in using the transportation services  of TDI there are certain dangers to pet being transported in a motor vehicle and not hold TDI responsible for any injuries sustained to my pet  during transportation. I further release TDI from any responsibility for my pet and or property before & after pick up / drop off whether I am  home or not when pet is transported.

17. If OWNER returns to TDI for any & all additional services, TDI shall rely on the information contained in this form unless corrected or  revised by OWNER. All information contained in this agreement is true & accurate and OWNER understands that TDI will be relying on this  information in providing the agreed upon services.

18. OWNER of dog has been advised by TDI that when pets are away from home they may be under greater stress than normal while adjusting to  their new environment. This stress can activate latent (dormant) physical conditions such as lever, heart & kidney disorders resulting in  illness and/or death of the pet. In the event of death I wish the remains be: ______Kept for me _______Buried _________Private Cremation

19. Owner herein agrees to pay for all lodging , veterinary & burial fees and further agrees not to hold TDI responsible for the illness or  death of the pet.