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Creating a positive and healthy environment is a necessity towards successful permission-based dog training. Our training packages are designed to create clear communication with your dog using one-on-one training, plenty of well-rounded exercise and interaction, and "go-home" sessons for you to continue the lifestyle changes we have implemented during training. Choose the package that best fits your needs or contact us for consultation as to which program would work best for you and your dog.
Our Training Packages:
At pick-up or go-home we will go over what your dog has learned and I will work with you on how to start implementing the training into your daily life. Follow up sessions are provided to help ease the transition of your dog back into your home and help you maintain his/her desired behavior. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the various training techniques & equipment we use as I am happy to help.
Individual Training Sessions:
$200/2 hours at our facility

Private In-Home Training Sessions:
$300/2.5 hours (within 30 miles from our facility)

Our training tools available:
$25 Transitional Leash
$49 Zen Doggie Walking Halter
For more info:
Freedom Collar Program $1850
This 5 week training program includes 5 private 1 hour lessons at our facility each week with homework for next week lesson. Includes rechargeable remote collar & leash & 1 Saturday public pack walk with distraction. *We add a pre-training session where your dog comes to us for (1 day) to condition & partnership with your dog to jump start his / her program.

Pre-Training session: Our partnership day with your dog. 9 am-6 pm
Week One: Lesson 1: Taps & Turns
Week Two: Lesson 2: Adding Commands: Lets go, Sit , Down & Recall. (come command)
Week Three: Lesson 3 : Place & Recall (come command)
Week Four: Lesson 4 : Drop the leash & practice all the above
Week Five: Lesson 5 : 1 hour public pack walk / distraction lesson
Maximum Confidence Builder Program $2100

Train Your Dog for Confidence:
We help your shy , nervous , fear based reactive dog gain confidence and reduce his risk of biting out of fear. By helping your dog learn certain behaviors, we can help build confidence and teach your dog how to behave appropriately around the people or things that may frighten him.

Dogs who are afraid of people are often described as shy, nervous, or cautious.
Behaviors that show as fear include aggressive behavior toward dogs or strangers, jumping up or seeking attention, urinating, panting, drooling, excessive shedding, and refusing to make eye contact. Growling, barking, and other aggressive actions can also be triggered by fear.

Our program can help!
Any Age / Any Size / Any Breed
20 day board and train
Puppy Step-By-Step $2800
Mini Foundation board & train
Our 20 day program Includes:
•Doggie socialization with our training pack
•Exposure to objects that move, noises of all kinds
•People, public meetings
•Developing bite control
•Puppy learning games / follow me / stop & go
•Flying Solo- Puppy needs alone time
•Calm in the crate / Crate & Potty
•2 hour go home session at pick up.
•Take home info to continue lessons for 2 weeks / leash and training collar
•2 week follow up at our facility / 1 month follow up at our facility.
•Email / Text for scheduling. 50% Deposit required to hold board & train spot.
•Follow up classes available by the hour at our facility and are strongly recommended min 2 times per month for consistency and guidance.
Muttley Manners: 3-4 Week Program With Remote Collar $3600
If only our dogs could talk! The fact is, they talk to us all the time but we aren’t listening.  Dogs are physical beings and their conversations are plenty. They hold lengthy conversations with their energy, body language and eyes. Although growling/barking are forms of communication; the most important conversations are the ones that take place silently. Humans are verbal communicators. Everything has a word and sound. Yet, we are trying to live in harmony with a being that is a physical communicator. This program will help your dog understand clearly what is asked & we will work together to help build a bridge between you & your dog. In this 30 day program we use a variety of tools to train your pooch: rechargeable remote collar (with warranty), prong collar, and long line which are included in this program to take home for continuous training.

We will be working on:
•Come When called (Recall command)
•To not jump on people (unless invited to do so)
•To wait at open doors (Open doors do not mean freedom)
•To walk nicely on leash (Heel or Lets Go)
•Treadmill Training
•To drop or release items from their mouth.
•To stay on a "Place" (bed, rug or mat) & to remain comfortable.
•Crate work: so that your dog becomes comfortable in his crate & looks at it as a safe place, not as punishment.

Your dog will be worked daily and go on “field trips” as part of their stay so that the training and new behaviors can be generalized around lots of distractions & "life ready" encounters before returning home to you.

•2 hour go-home session and four follow up sessions at our facility.
•Detailed instruction packet with go-homework for you and your pup to continue to practice on your own.
•After your dogs completion of our board and train program, additional working classes are available.

Virtual Dog Training Sessions Available
Phone or Video Consults
Sessions booked in 45 and 60 minute sessions
* $60 for 45 min
* $85 for 60 min
'Let us help you understand your dog'
Gentle & effective training using our training tools:
Our Transitional Leash or our Zen Doggie Halter.